Be the person your dog thinks you are

Our classes are based on the dog’s ability and not age. Progress is dictated by the student’s efforts not the course duration. Classes are kept small to allow for more effective handler coaching.


The dog, a creature who loves you more than himself

This involves obedience work, socialization and life skills training designed to elevate your dog’s status above that of a mere pet.

Divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced stages.


The more I know people, the more I love my dog

 This training utilises the dog’s natural instincts and abilities for bite and detection work with a self-defense style approach.

Here the emphasis is placed on “real world” training and includes a multitude of various break-in, robbery and high-jacking type scenarios.

Divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. Dogs will be assessed and must qualify for this phase of training. Some Guardian and Companion work will occur simultaneously.